Marryoke brings your guests together to create something a bit different.

Choose a song, we get the lyrics and on the day we work with you and your guests to produce a wedding music video you and they will never forget! Don't worry, Marryoke involves no actual singing - just miming and performing as much or as little as you like. The footage is then edited and synced to the music so that it appears as if you are performing the song yourselves!


Take a look at our Marryokes and see for yourself the fun, laughter and craziness of the wedding Marryoke


Look Back and Remember Marryokes, fun, laughter and craziness of the wedding Marryoke

Sexy Bitch  - Selina and David's  Marryoke at Winters Barn

Marry You - Marryoke at Gaynes Park

Anna and David’s Love Shack Marryoke

Love Shack - Marryoke

Jodie and Gene's Wedding Marryoke

Somebody to Love - Marryoke


Jo and Will's Marryoke

Jo and Will's wedding with all their family and friends having a Marryoke moment with Electric Dreams


Stephanie and Colin's Wedding Video Marryoke

Shut Up and Dance - marryoke

Emma and Lee's Wedding Marryoke

500 Miles

Ashley and Matt’s Marryoke

(I've Had) The Time of my Live

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